- A Fun-Loving Star -

One of Edu Champ's students, Shim, takes Malay classes at our tuition school. A shy and quiet student, we were happy that he didn't mind us interviewing him this time around. Let's hear about his story and experience with our tuition school.

ECA : Can you please introduce yourself?

SHIM : My name is Shim Yu Zing and I'm 14 now, turning 15 years old this year. I go to Seri Mulia Sarjana School. This year, it's my last year in high school. Here… I'm just taking one subject which is Malay.

ECA : How was your experience here and what do you think of our tutors?

SHIM : When my tutor is teaching, she is very clear and she does it in a fun way. Because of her, I've seen improvements in my grades. Before, I barely passed any exams or tests for Malay, but now slowly it's been improving. My scores are now usually between 60-70% for exams and tests.

ECA : That's really great to hear, Shim! After you finish O Levels, what are your plans?

SHIM : My plan is to continue my studies and get my diploma. I'm planning to get my diploma at IBTE and take an engineering course so I can work in the engineering industry in the future.

ECA : Interesting choice of career, Shim! So tell us, what do you like to do in your free time?

SHIM : I like chatting and sometimes hanging out with my friends. I also like to play games on my phone. I'm really into PUBG Mobile *laughs*

SHIM : What are your thoughts on our tuition school?

ECA : It's great here. I really like it. The teachers are nice and the admin as well. I even recommended my friends to join tuition classes here with me *laughs*.

Thank you for choosing us to improve your grades, Shim! We wish you all the best for O Levels and for you future in pursuing an engineering career in the future!


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