Sarah is one of Edu Champ Academic's newest addition of teachers. We managed to catch her just before her class and asked her a few question to get to know her a little better. Let's hear her story!

ECA: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Sarah: My name is Sarah and I'm an undergraduate student from UBD. I'll be graduating from UBD this year (2019), mid August. My major was English Language and Linguistics. Currently working part time as an English teacher at Edu Champ Tuition School and at Berkin Tuition School in Kiulap. At the moment, I'm teaching English for PSR, SPE and O Level students. ECA: How did you discovered Edu Champ Academic Tuition School? Sarah: Through my friend actually. She saw an opening as a teacher here and she told me about it. So I figured, I might as well try it cause I was almost done with my degree and I needed to do something with my time. When I applied, I got called for an interview and then I was offered the job. ECA: And how has been your experience so far? Sarah: It's been really different. I'm still getting used to it because I've spent over 20 years of my life being a student and then suddenly I have adjust to being a teacher. So I guess you could say there was an adjustment period for me. I wouldn't say it's easy but also at the same time I'm still learning. ECA: What's your teaching method like with your students? Sarah: I like to do past year paper with my students and also come up with my own writing exercises. I'll let them do it by themselves first and then I'll check their papers. Along the way, I'll correct their grammars or sentence, explain to them where and how they can improve their answers. ECA: For someone trying to improve their English, what tips can you give them? Sarah: I would say do a lot of reading. I think that's the most important thing. That was how I improved my English. Build into the habit of reading books. It doesn't always have to be school books. On their free time, students can also read story books. If the student isn't used to reading story books, start by just reading a few pages per day or one small chapter. ECA: We definitely agree on that tip. So what's your plan for the future now? Sarah: Right now, my plan is to get as much working experience as I can. With how difficult the job market is, I'm open to take any opportunities available to me. It's better than doing nothing at home, right? *laughs*. And by teaching here at Edu Champ, my time is put to good use. I'm gaining experience, learning new skills and I get to make a positive impact to the students. As for future plans, I haven't really decided yet, the world's my oyster *laughs*. But maybe, next year, I'm considering taking Master's degree

We surely admire your optimistic approach to life, Sarah! Thank you for sitting down with us for the interview and congratulations on your graduation! Wishing all the best for your future and we hope you stick around with us for a long time!


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