We appreciate each and one of our teachers at Edu Champ Academic. They are our heroes and we firmly believe they are the backbone of our institution. As a gesture of appreciation to our tutors, we decided to interview one of ours.

Introducing Saifullah, one of our A level Math tutor. A student from UBD, majoring in Mathematics, Saifullah has been with us for a few years now. We wanted to get to know him a little better and also find out his methods on teaching his students. Let's get to the interview!

ECA: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Saifullah: My name is Muhd Saifullah bin Mohd Safwan and I'm turning 23 this year. I am a student and InsyaAllah will be graduating from UBD in Bachelor of Mathematics this year.

ECA: How did you got started teaching with us?

Saifullah: So during my second semester of my first year, I decided to find a part time job. The motive for me getting a part time job was to earn some side income, gain experience and prepare for my future. As for how I started, I was interviewed at first and then I was called to teach at Better Grades Tuition school for A Level.

ECA: How do you find teaching so far? Do you enjoy the process?

Saifullah: Teaching is a challenge at first, no matter what level it is. As long as we have prepared what to present and what the students have to do, and also to able to answer all the questions asked by the students to ensure that they would understand what they are learning.

It is enjoyable when you know that your student works hard to get their grades up and you see a lot of improvements, it is such an achievement for me.

ECA: So what have you learned from teaching your students?

Saifullah: I've learned that there are different types of students present in your class. Each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. They also have different approach when it comes to learning.

ECA: How about your method of teaching in class? What's that like?

Saifullah: My method of teaching is by giving out students topic by topic past year papers in Brunei. In this methods, I would hope that they understand the concept on how the exam papers are presented and know what to do if the same type of questions are repeated. Although this is not the best way since it is time consuming for those who doesn't know the basics of what they are doing.

ECA: Is there a different approach you had in mind?

Saifullah: There is a theory I would like to try. I predict that this method would be the best method to be used for all students that wishes to learn and lift up their grade. We divide these method into three parts: First is the workbook, second would be the Brunei Cambridge Past Year Paper, and third is Singapore's Cambridge Past Year Papers.

ECA: Interesting concept. Can you explain more?

Saifullah: The workbook phase is for students who lacks the basic knowledge of the subjects/certain topics. The Brunei Cambridge past year papers is for students who knows the basics, but don't know really know how to tackle the questions. The Singapore Cambridge past year papers are for those who knows what they are doing, and would like to challenge themselves and further understand how to tackle difficult questions.

ECA: You will be graduating from UBD soon. What are your current plans for the future? Is becoming a teacher part of that plan as well?

Saifullah: My first priority would be finding a full time job, and then I would be applying for master's as a part timer. After tutoring the students in the tuition school, yes. It is enjoyable to teach kids who has an interest in learning.

ECA: Other than pursuing your degree and teaching with us, how is your time usually spent? Could you tell us about your hobbies and passion?

Saifullah: My home activities are usually chores, preparing work or play games to release stress. I sometimes go out to hangout with my friends or play sports.

I am passionate in doing my work. My goal is to be able to help students achieve the highest grade they possible can, with all types of methods being used.

Thank you for spending the time for the interview, Saifullah! He surely has his own unique methods when it comes teaching his students, and it sure is effective! We wish you great success on your future career and would like to be the first to congratulate you on your upcoming graduation! Thank you for sticking with us all these years, we appreciate your service with us!


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