Updated: Mar 6, 2019

- A Caring Nurturer -

Among our three founders of Edu Champ Academic, Rosezalinah is the flower among the thorns. Known as "kaka Sumi" to her partners, she is the heart of the operation. Her gentle ways and big-heartedness is what drives the employees of Edu Champ Academic to give their very best. Let's hear from Rosezalinah herself what motivates her!

ECA : How did you get into teaching?

ROSEZALINAH : At the time, I was still studying at UBD. My major was Malay. Then I got offered to teach at a tuition center. My first job was at Kiarong. I don’t know whether you guys have heard about it, “Let Us Read”. And then, the second one, I forgot the name (Laughs) Also, at Kiarong and Tungku as well. Meanwhile, I was still in UBD, doing part-time teaching. I’ve been part-time teaching until now. I think it’s been twelve years, or thirteen years. But, in that twelve years, I also worked full-time. My day job is more about secretarial and PA work. So, that’s what I do at Edu Champ too, handling anything and everything.

ECA : What do you love most about teaching?

ROSEZALINAH : Helping the students, who are really in need of Malay! (Laughs) Some may find Malay so difficult. I don’t know about you guys. (Laughs) But some find it a bit difficult. They don’t want to speak Malay with me. They speak in English and I have to ask them “Apa Melayu-nya?” (Laughs) And I repeat it. “Cakap apa? Bahasa Melayu-kah, Bahasa English?” They are just so used to English. I know English is our second language, but the Malay paper is compulsory. So we must try our best.

ECA : What do you do encourage and inspire your students?

ROSEZALINAH : I would tell them to look to the future. Some people study for years and don’t end up with the job they study for. So I tell my students - follow your passion. Do what you love most and focus on that. I have students who love basketball and football. Everyday, they would play basketball and football. That’s okay! (Laughs) I wish I was rich (Laughs) I wish I was rich so I can build a Sports Center for them. Because that’s their talent, their passion, their skills that they can specialise in. Sometimes you cannot force someone to be someone they’re not. But this is the way it is. It’s a pity. I wish I could do more to help. How I wish I could do more. But that’s what we’re trying to do now - like in Berakas, we teach more courses. We introduce more classes. So we are not only focusing on school subjects, but everything. We’ve just opened classes for Japanese or Coding. Hopefully, maybe even more in the future.

ECA : What’s it like working with the other Founders of Edu Champ Academic?

ROSEZALINAH : Each of us have our own task. I know they can do their own, each task. We trust each other. That’s the most important thing. We each have our own responsibilities. I know, Teck Sion handles the logistic operations and Allen, the finance. My responsibility is with the government, the MOE. But most important thing is that we communicate with each other. It’s very easy with them. Anything come up and then, we will discuss later.

ECA : What are your dreams for Edu Champ Academic?

ROSEZALINAH : Wow. I hope Edu Champ can make it up to more than ten years. Our vision is to be the friendly Neighbourhood Tuition School, so we must be friendly! That’s the first thing. I would love to upgrade Edu Champ more. Maybe after this, Tutong, Belait. Not only in Brunei-Muara. I had a student from Tutong before, actually. Yes. They were willing to come so far from Tutong. Just to take Malay! (Laughs) And that’s on top of students from Masin or Serasa. That’s why we want to expand to so many places. Then, it’s very convenient for the parents. I really hope we will become one of the top tuition schools in the future.

With that, our trio of Founders are complete. Teck Sion, the mind. Rosezalinah, the heart. Allen, the soul. These three are the pillars of our school and we hope that Edu Champ Academic can soar to even greater heights under their careful eye!


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