Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Here at Edu Champ Academic, we appreciate the effort our teachers put when it comes to teaching. One of our long time teacher, Nazibah, has been teaching Geography at Edu Champ Academic for two years now. We decided to meet her and have a little chat to know more about her. Let's hear what she has to say!

ECA: Can you please introduce yourself?

Nazibah: Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. My name Siti Nazibah bte Haji Nasip. I'm currently teaching AS and O Level Geography here.

ECA: How long have you been teaching here?

Nazibah: I've been teaching here since 2016. After that in 2017, I had to stop because I was pursuing my day job. In that one year of not teaching, it made me miss teaching because as an HSE Officer, I need to train people so that made me miss teaching and that's why I'm back here again.

ECA: You teach Geography here. Has it always been your favorite subject to teach?

Nazibah: Yes, it's always been a favorite subject of mine to teach. Throughout my years of teaching, since 2010, at other tuitions school, I've realized that one of subjects I was really good at was Geography, as well as Physics. That's why I tend to favor teaching Geography when it comes to teaching.

ECA: Have you always been passionate about teaching? How did you started out?

Nazibah: During my time in UBD, allowance wasn't that much and at that time, being young *laughs*, I was passionate about designer handbags, so yeah, I've decided to teach for some side income. But my passion for teaching also started because of this one particular student.

ECA: Can you please tell me more about this previous student of yours?

Nazibah: He was so naughty and I was so devastated because I was trying to find ways teach him Geography because he didn't take things seriously. So I've tried several methods, such as asking him to read in class and to participate in class discussions. At that time, his English wasn't very good, but he was actually a bright student.

Funny story, I actually met him during my day job and we're actually in the same position now. "Are you familiar with Nazibah Nasip?", he asked, then I answered, "I'm Nazibah Nasip. Why?". He then said, "You're my teacher!". "I remember you!", I said. His English is much better now. Somehow that sparked my interest again and made me miss teaching. So when I saw an opening as a tuition teacher, I've decided to teach again.

ECA: What a small world! Do you have techniques or methods you use when you teach?

Nazibah: Usually, my method is to really interact with my students. When it comes to Geography, it requires logical thinking, so my students and I would have group discussions. For example, "What can do be done during a flood?". We then would discuss that topic and find solutions. Another method of mine is using different colored markers on whiteboards. I've realized that it really helps the student to understand a particular concept better. For example, I'll use a orange marker to indicate land and I'll use a blue marker to indicate a river or the sea. Colorful markers make things less dull and much more interesting for my students and I.

ECA: So how was been your experience teaching here?

Nazibah: Alhamdullilah, it's been good. I feel comfortable teaching here because the facilities are new, we have air conditioner and we have small number of students per class.

ECA: What new skills have you gained from teaching here?

Nazibah: Well... there's always a new skill or approach that I learn from teaching. Although the subject and topics are the same, not all students are equal when it comes to their strength and weaknesses. So I work around with their strength and weaknesses. For example, if a student is not good at answering essays, I would show them past year papers and the marking schemes. From there, they can see their mistakes, then I can show them how to answer the question better and what contents to include in their essays.

ECA: That's a great way at helping students! So what are your plans for the future?

Nazibah: When I was in UBD, my major was Geography and Development. My minor was Environmental Studies. InsyaAllah, next year, I'm planning to take my Master's Degree in Teaching at UBD so that, hopefully, I can secure a teaching contract from the government.

Thanks for sitting with us and having this little interview with us, Nazibah! From all of us at Edu Champ Academic, we wish you the best of luck in pursuing your studies and future career! We'd always like to thank you for staying loyal with us for the past few years!


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