Meet Mahfuzah, one of our most loyal teacher at Edu Champ Academic. A familiar face amongst our admins, Mahfuzah has been teaching with us since 2017.

Considering how long she's been with us, we felt that she definitely deserves a written article about her. We managed to find her before her class to interview her. Let's hear her story!

ECA: Tell us about yourself

Mahfuzah: I'm Hajah Nurul Mahfuzah. You can call me Mahfuzah. I am a master's graduate in Biomedical Science from UBD. Due to my passion towards medical-related field, I can say teaching Biology subject is my favorite science subjects among the others *laughs*. To me, in teaching, we need to have both the passion and confidence to convey the knowledge to the students.

ECA: How long have you been teaching with us? And how's the experience so far?

Mahfuzah: I've been teaching Biology since 2017 for O, AS and A level at Better Grades Tuition School, Edu Champ Academic Tuition School & Berkin Tuition School.

Since then, it's been a great opportunity for me to meet different types and characters of students. These differences in students has helped me to adapt with different teaching methods, and not just rely on my comfort zone.

ECA: How are your classes usually like? What's your method when teaching?

Mahfuzah: Some students are used to my teaching methods which is:

1) Explaining topic by topic, or topics they need more attention on.

2) Show helpful videos on the particular topic.

3) Question & answer session

4) Give past year papers by topics

However, few students prefer to have some puzzles or games to be incorporated during the lesson. To me, this is challenging especially for the AS/A Levels Biology subjects as these students are required to more than just the basics, and games and puzzles can't really help the students to enhance their skills in explaining.

ECA: You've gained a lot of experience when it comes to teaching. What are your future plans now?

Mahfuzah: InsyaAllah, I will continue engaging in medical related career during the day and if I have the opportunity, I will continue my part-time job as a Biology tutor after my work, insyaAllah.

ECA: Aside from teaching, could you tell us a little bit about your hobbies and/or passion?

Mahfuzah: During my spare time, I do online business. It's just me trying to embark in the business world, even though I had zero knowledge on marketing skills at first *laughs*. But I still keep trying and I love it.

Thank you for spending time with for this interview, Mahfuzah! Words cannot express how much we appreciate your service to us and our students. Thank you for all the years you've spent with us. We wish you all the best and we hope you stick around with us even longer!


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