Effie is one of Edu Champ Academic's Math teacher. This friendly and cheerful teacher has been teaching with us for over a year now. We decided to interview her to get to know her a little better. We were also curious on her method of teaching and her thoughts on our tuition school. Let's hear what she has to say!

ECA: Can you please tell us a bit about yourself? Effie: My name is Effie. I've been teaching here since January 2018. At first, I was teaching Principles of Accounts and then I was offered to teach Maths as well since my educational background, my degree, is in Maths. I teach O Level students here and recently just started teaching A Level as well. I go to UBD and my major is in Maths. This year (2019) I will be graduating from UBD. ECA: Congrats on your graduation! So how did you started out teaching? Effie: At first I wanted some side income. And actually during my O and A Level time, my friends were always asking me to teach them. So I guess you could say I somewhat had the character to be a teacher? *Laughs* ECA: When it comes to teaching, what are the methods that you use to teach them better? Effie: When it comes to new students, I always ask them to do past year papers so I can see where their weaknesses are. From there, I will go through topic by topic on the subject and focus more on the topics which my students are weak on. Another thing I do is comparing methods in solving an equation between my students and I. For example, if the methods that they use to harder compared to mine, then I will teach them my method which is easier. ECA: If you were to give out study tips to your students, what would it be? Effie: Practice past year papers. In my opinion, that's the most important thing. Because since it's Maths and it requires a lot of different formulas, once you get used to doing past year papers and have had a lot of practice, it does become easier to do. ECA: So what do you think of our tuition school? Effie: The students are great here. No problems at all for me. My experience here has been positive. Since starting here, especially during my final year in UBD, I really had to learn how to divide my time. When it comes to teaching, I have to prepare questions and notes for my students in class. Other than that, I'm also thankful for Edu Champ Academic Tuition School for letting me teach here. Not only has it provided me with a job, it also gave me the opportunity to make a positive impact to my students by improving their grades. Thanks for willing to let us interview you, Effie! We sure do appreciate the kind words you had to say about our humble tuition school. We wish you all the best for your future!


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