Updated: Apr 14, 2019

- A Resourceful Idol -

One of the constants of Edu Champ Berakas is none other than kaka Dayat. This enterprising member of the ECA family is not only an admin staff - but also a teacher! When she isn't organising timetables for the the school, she is putting together notes for her own Biology classes. Despite her busy schedule, we managed to snag some time for ourselves to ask her - how does she do it?

ECA : How on earth did you end up juggling two responsibilities?

DAYAT : So, initially, I worked as an admin. But somehow, I started tutoring my cousin last year, and that builded up my interest in tutoring. So I decided to teach, starting this year at Edu Champ. Uh, so far I teach only Biology. Yeah. I only have 2 students. (Laughs) But that’s good enough for now. I kind of enjoy it, because I get to share my passion in Biology.

ECA : Are you working on anything else at the moment?

DAYAT : I’m planning to take a Masters in BioTechnology. That’s why I just want to fill up my time for now. I want to work as an admin and a tutor. The other reason I’m working as a tutor is because I need to refresh back all that I’ve learned in Biology, so that I can come in prepared when I start my Masters. But I kind of enjoy being an admin as well.

ECA : What’s your favourite part about working for ECA?

DAYAT : Favourite part… Kind of a lot actually. Yeah, things like, writing attendance, finding tutors, meeting new friends, uh… what else? (Laughs) Yeah. Somehow, I enjoy it! Because it makes my day productive. So that’s the most important thing for me lah. Yeah. Making my day productive. Even though it can be very stressful, especially when searching for tutors. (Laughs) But I kind of enjoy it. It makes me do something. So, a productive day!

ECA : Do you see yourself working with ECA for the next 5 years?

DAYAT : Mm… I’ve never thought of working with EduChamp up to 5 years. I never thought of that before, but if I could get the chance, then why not? But as a start, it’s just like a part-time job for me to learn something more. Because I have some other plans in my future. I’m planning to take Masters in the UK. I already have two offer letters actually. They’re just waiting for me to choose which uni. I kind of want to see where that goes. If I could get the chance working here again afterwards, I would take it. I would love to, if I haven’t got any other job offers! Yeah. Why not?

Why not, indeed! With that kind of tenacity, we're sure that a Masters is well within reach. The future is bright and the possibilities are endless. We're not sure where the road ahead leads - All we know is that if you ever decide to work with ECA again, we'll gladly accept you with open arms!


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