Updated: Mar 25, 2019

- A Studious Star -

One of our Founder's Physics student, Chong stood out as a person mature beyond his years. Focused and driven towards his goals, Chong seemed very sure of his path. So, inspired by his determination, we reached out to Chong about how attending tuition has helped him get that much closer to his goals. 

ECA : What do you take at ECA?

Chong : I take Physics and I used to take Maths with him but the teacher changed. Now, I only take Physics with him. I’m terrible at both. But right now, after I’ve taken tuition here, Maths has become easier. But Physics, on the other hand, is still hard. Because Science takes too much explaining and I don’t understand how it works.

ECA : What do you think about tuition? Do you think it actually make your grades better?

Chong : Yeah. Way better! I was way worse before. My first tuition experience was in… Year 7, no, during Primary 4. At that time, was my first time struggling with my studies. Then, my friend told me he was taking tuition. Because I was considering taking tuition also. Like, if I’m going to take tuition, I’m going to take it with my friend, since… it’d be great if we could study together. So, I took it. I’d say it was worth it. It was enjoyable, and I learned a lot. Yeah. Actually, I never stopped tuition since then.

ECA : Wow.. So how do you describe the tuition here with Teck Sion compared with the other tuitions that you’ve been to, so far?

Chong : Well… It’s not much difference, except, me and sir, well, we get along. He knows how to explain it to me. Not like a teacher, but more like a friend. So he can help me understand the work where I don’t understand before. Unlike other teachers, when I ask them about the question, they just say what is in the notes and in the textbooks. But, sir, he use things like examples in real life - something I can see and apply how it works and stuff.

ECA : If grades weren’t an issue, what would you do?

Chong : If grades weren’t an issue…. I would study Astronomy! I’m interested in Space and stuff like that. But I looked it up and it costs a lot more to study that and other stuff… So, I just… gave up on that. But who knows, I might get to take it. If I get the chance, I’ll go do it.

Steady and grounded, we could hardly believe we were interviewing an 18 year old! With his steady game plan and his realistic view of the world, we hope that Chong will achieve his dreams in no time! Good luck, Chong!


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