We are happy to announce our E-Learning Platform to help all our students prepare for their upcoming examinations.

Make use of the school holiday/break to stay productive by studying with our online class!

Our online classes are highly interactive where teachers and students can speak, chat and share documents together.

Not only that, our E-Learning is compatible with most laptop, tablet and smartphone for best convenience.

But most importantly, it is 100% safe. Learning is done at the safety and comfort of your own home.

E-Learning FAQs

Q: What do you use for your E-Learning class?

A: We use Zoom, Google Hangouts and WhatsApp for our classes.

Q: What is the timetable for the online class?

A: For our online class, we have three time slots. First slot is early afternoon, second slot is late afternoon and the third slot is in the evening.

Q: What happens after registration?

A: Once registered, we will invite you to the class' group chat with the phone number of your choice. From there, we will send the link for you to join the online class.

Q: How long is the session per class?

A: Classes are two hours per session and held once a week.

Q: How to register for your online class?

A: You can register by contacting at 8925874.

Alternatively, you can reach us on our social media accounts.

Q: How can payment be made?

A: To keep everyone safe and maintain social distancing, we prefer online payments. We accept payments from BIBD, Baiduri and Standard Chartered.



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